Meet Cappucino, the Fairest Cat of All

June 6, 2016 Frederic No comments exist


My name was Princess, but I was re-named after Mama’s addiction. It is true that I have spectacular gold-brown eyes, or at least, that’s what everyone who has seen me claims. I know that it is not becoming of me to boast, and truly, I am not bragging. I just have seen all the other cats in the neighborhood, and let’s just say that I’m way over average. According to Salami (the neighbor’s Siamese cat), I have a lush coat in addition to my beautiful eyes. He says I’m the most gorgeous cat he has ever laid eyes upon. Salami is a sweetheart, although he is runty looking, with a skinny tail and a triangular face, poor thing. I do like his sky blue eyes, but mine (according to Salami) are not as common and go very well with my dark fur. Did I mention it’s lush? It is extra thick in the winter, and that comes in handy, especially in the wee hours of the morning, when I return from a good night prowl. Poor Salami… While I’m warm and comfortable, he shakes like a lonely leaf on a November tree. I wish I could give him some of my fur. The poor darling is so skinny that the barn owl who stands guard at the top of the mulberry tree at night time mistook him once for a large rat. It is lucky that Salami has extra sharp claws… The owl lost a mouthful of feathers, but Salami still bears a nasty scar on his back. Salami says I’m safe though, because my fur makes me appear much larger than I really am, and no bird of prey would mess with me. My nails are sharp too, by the way. I sharpen them every morning on the back porch’s rocking chair. I know, I know… I should use the scratching post that they bought me instead, but the rocking chair is truly more fun. It makes that adorable squeaky sound, and the cushions are filled with genuine goose feathers and smell so good! I love to sleep on the rocking chair when I can, but I particularly enjoy it when it is windy, or even better, stormy. Rolled in a ball, I just love the back and forth motion while the wind whistles through the chestnut trees. I fall asleep like a kitten. I do like to sleep. A lot. But what can I say… According to Salami, a beautiful cat such as myself needs plenty of beauty sleep…

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