Ulla Katz

Ulla Katz is an innovative and accomplished artist who creates whimsical narratives in oil featuring cats. Katz’s Cats are made with both craft and wit, and offer a kaleidoscope of feline personalities. Born and raised in Germany, Ulla Katz was trained in Europe and in the United States. She paints in the style of the European classical traditions coupled with a magical realism rooted in folk imagery. She combines the virtuosity of a Dutch Master with the vision of a thoroughly modern mind. Ulla is an intuitive painter who works from a deeply personal visual language and imagination. Each cat painting is an unfolding story of layered meanings brought to life through multiple layers of paint. Her painted surfaces sparkle with thin delicate glazes over thick impastos and scattered scumbles of semi transparent colors. Ulla Katz's paintings have received numerous awards from some of the most distinguished art organizations in the country, including The American Women Artists, Salon International, and the Royal Society of Portrait Artists. Her work has appeared in American Art Collector, Western Art Collector Magazine, Southwest Art, and Stroke of Genius.

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