Tatyana Klevenskiy


Tatyana Klevenskiy, born in 1961 in Yaroslavl, Russia, began her painting career at a very young age. After receiving a diploma in Graphic Design from the Yaroslavl College of Art and another diploma in Art Design from the Russian Institute, Tatyana became an established painter in Russia. Her paintings illuminate the viewer's eye by an astounding ability to capture and create light on canvas. Whether a still life study or a Russian village landscape, her paintings demonstrate her ability to bring tranquility and serenity to the viewer. One of Tatyana's paintings depicting a Russian village hangs in the office of Yuri Lushkov, Mayor of Moscow. Additionally, her work has been collected, among others, by Ahatoly Lisitsyn, Governor of Yaroslavl, and are displayed in the Saturn Conference Hall in Rybinsk, Russia.




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