Lisa Fantini


Trained at the famous Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, Lisa Fantini is a well known contemporary artist specialized in Mediterranean landscapes. She has won numerous prizes, and her work is featured in many private collections both in Europe and in North America.

“A good friend and great artist gave me two pieces of advice I will always remember. First, “Don’t be afraid to fail”, and second, “Sometimes you have to get outside your comfort zone.” I believe the two go hand in hand, and are vital to maintaining growth and a fresh perspective.

To me being an artist is incredible. It’s very humbling to know your livelihood depends on others having great appreciation for your efforts. At the same time it fosters powerful motivation. After so many prayers, years of tireless work and, oftentimes, fierce determination, I can’t help but feel grateful and happy as each little success reminds me that I am finally doing what I was born to do.”