Colley Whisson


Australian artist Colley Whisson was born in May 1966 and commenced painting in 1986. Colley is a third generation artist carrying the Whisson name. He has always loved to paint the light and light's effect on a chosen subject. Colley aims for a realist image with much artistic content, and pays attention to the arrangement of each painting to maximise the visual image. Colley Whisson continues to build his reputation on the international stage with his book on the best sellers list (Creating Impressionist Landscapes in Oil, third edition) and with more articles in the International Artist and Australian Artist magazines reaching new audiences. Although he paints in a traditional style and has enormous respect for great masters of the past, Colley Whisson paints in a fresh modern manner. In an constantly changing world, Colley believes that his subject matter, color skills and technical handling of a painting need to be accurate, but he he also believes that he should give the end result a hint of the future and not just an appreciation of the past. 




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